carta & wood

about us.

Carta & Wood is a creative studio specialising in paper installations. We design and engineer captivating pieces for displays, branding and events that tell the story of the business with which we collaborate.

With the world moving into a visually saturated market and that ‘instagrammable’ moment (dare we say it) becoming the most powerful marketing tool, we wanted to provide a more conscious and bespoke service to meet that demand.


From start to finish they were so warm, friendly and professional. They got our vision for what we wanted and the vibe of our brand. They were dedicated to providing breathtaking pieces, but also the customer service and personal touches to the unique business are superb! They think of everything, even the after care of how to reuse the amazing creations. We feel like Deckle and Forge are a part of our team now. 

Amy Holland

Co-Founder, Warrior Women Collective