carta & wood

The Designer

I’m Claire, a creative designer specialising in paper installations and set designs. I pride myself on my unique approach to design and passion to support and enhance the visual representations of businesses and brands.

With an eye for detail and form, along with an architectural degree, I can think in 3D and engineer pieces that can defy the natural form of paper, but mostly, create an atmosphere that fully encapsulates the ‘sense’ of the brands that I work with.

The Mission

CARTA & WOOD works with industry-leading business owners to elevate their brand image to align with where they want to sit in the market. Hand-crafted visuals that pack a punch, impactful installations, set designs and props all work to inspire and connect with your audience through contemporary storytelling.

With the world moving into a visually saturated market and that ‘instagrammable’ moment (dare we say it) becoming the most powerful marketing tool, we wanted to provide a more conscious and bespoke service to meet that demand.


CARTA & WOOD had exactly the right vibe to create the perfect Winter Window display- opting for colours that would support and showcase the chosen dresses. The installation has caught so many people’s attention from both social media pages and passes by! It has been a dream to work from start to finish with CARTA & WOOD and I would use them again and again and again in the safe knowledge that the installation would be executed to the highest standard and would be the most eye catching display for all to enjoy!

Rachel Burgess

Founder, Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique

Carta and Wood’s keen eye for detail and perfection made for a prop that was breathtaking to see in person and also eye-catching when photographed; when I showed others the outcome, a common theme seemed to be “I can’t believe that’s made from paper.”

Through their craft, design understanding, and stellar communication, Carta & Wood have absolutely elevated my project higher than I could have hoped; it’s meant that my own final project is even better than I had imagined. I will definitely be considering collaborating again in the near future.

Bryn Evans

Artist - Mantaraybryn

From start to finish they were so warm, friendly and professional. They got our vision for what we wanted and the vibe of our brand. They were dedicated to providing breathtaking pieces, but also the customer service and personal touches to the unique business are superb! They think of everything, even the after care of how to reuse the amazing creations. We feel like they are a part of our team now. 

Amy Holland

Co-Founder, Warrior Women Collective

Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

- Roald Dahl