Installations & Events

We design and engineer captivating pieces that amplify your brand/business and bring it to life. Concepts are derived from your brand ethos creating a statement installation tailored to you. We are passionate about creating showpieces that increase engagement with your audience, building relationships and creating an experience to remember.

Perfect for Window Displays, Office or HQ showpieces, Events & Weddings.

Campaigns & Set Design

The ideal collaboration for businesses and brands who want to have a bank of content that amplifies your brand and tells your story. With social media becoming such a powerful marketing platform, ensure you have content that stands out and encourages interaction.

We create innovative and unique content perfect for building brand awareness, campaigns, new product or service launch, advertising and marketing content, updating your website, and brand consistency.

Tier One

Products styled within a three-dimensional pre-designed CARTA & WOOD paper set working with your chosen colour scheme.

Remote photography available.

Tier Two

Bespoke paper set designed specifically for your range, in line with your colour scheme, themes and ideas. 

Stop motion available. 

Remote photography available.

Tier Three

Multiple engineered designs, tailored to your brand and schemes.

Perfect for a larger scale campaign requiring multiple scenes & elevated storytelling. 

Stop motion available.