Art Direction

Storytelling is at the heart of what I do. From working with Disney partners to Zero Waste start-ups, there is always a concept and story to portray. By getting to know you and your core values, I can bring your imagination to life in a way that will attract and resonate with your key audience.

Collaboratively, we can identify how you would like to be portrayed – it could be playful and expressive or subtle and timeless, but it will always have a sense of opulence that will reflect your brand.


We create innovative and unique content perfect for building brand awareness, campaigns, new product or service launch, advertising and marketing content, updating your website, and brand consistency.

Bespoke installations build a strong portrayal of your brand, make you stand out and attract the curious minds of your audience. The aesthetic shows how passionately you feel about your brand and will leave your audience with a lasting experience and memorable atmosphere.

Whilst piquing interest, it can also prove to be a crucial marketing tactic by conveying a level of luxury that reflects the value and quality of your products and gives a glimpse of the lifestyle and experience your audience will gain if they choose your brand.

View of Installation for Warrior Women

Event Design

While hosting an event, your goal is to create a lasting and memorable experience. Something that creates hype. A buzz. Something your audience can’t stop talking about and sharing. By investing in branded and playful pieces, you provide your attendees with not only “Instagrammable” content, but genuine and intentional content that your audience will want to interact with and are excited to share.

CARTA & WOOD has a unique and innovative approach whilst also providing a more conscious, sustainable, and bespoke service for every event and décor project. Whether it’s invitations or installations, let’s bring your imagination and space to life with a show-stopping event.

Suitable for launch parties, events, business HQ – you name it.

Perfect for Window Displays, Office or HQ showpieces, Events & Weddings.

Campaigns & Set Design

Whether you are a service or product-based business, your online presence is just as important as your real life one. You want imagery that reflects your brand ethos, but it also needs to interrupt those fast-scrolling thumbs and encourage engagement, whilst setting you apart from all of the ‘noise’.

Investing in a set designed specifically for your collection not only elevates your brand but connects with your audience, combining creativity with the practicalities of selling, leaving you with striking images in which you can be confident.

Suitable for Editorial, Press, Social and Marketing content.